Is Grandma Okay?
Butt Echo


Stepping Thru

I loved my family. My Mom was a stay at home Mom and I had two wonderful little sisters. My Dad was handsome and my hero. What more could a girls ask for.......then at 13 the bottom fell out.


We had a large family in a small house. There was conflict, chaos, and desserts never lasted long. I was the youngest, the baby, and sometimes resented that role. Echoing Stepping Thru, the bottom fell out at 13 for me too when my dad died.


I choose to forget as much of it as I can...I packed up and moved away as fast as I could. It wasn't all bad, but it was work just to survive and I felt alone.

Liz A.

Ditto, morethananelectrician.

Every time I think back, I realize something I thought was totally normal was actually really effed up.


I was happy, really happy. Only now I realize how lucky I have been. Ciao. A.

Amy Sue Nathan

Loved but alone.

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