Butt Echo
I Have Nothing to Wear: Eyeglasses Department



Travel, creative expression, pursuit of the curious, intimacy, sunny days, outdoors


love and a garden.


One hour a day by myself...it was allows me to survive in this crazy world.


The people in my life and good comfort food.

Liz A.

Beer and blackjack, j/k. Well, that's only two weeks a year anyway.

Any time? My home and my marriage. Having a fair amount of certainty that when I wake up, the bottom isn't going to fall out. Predictability and mutual affection.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Health. Time to myself. Emails and telephone calls and get-togethers with friends and family. Hope.


I wish I knew. But yes, we underestimate the value of health for ourselves and the people we love. Ciao. A.


photography, laughter, napping, inspiration and faith.

Amy Sue Nathan


Enough food, enough money, enough hot water, enough laughter.

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