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Hi Laura, I've just left two comments on the previous posts and they've disappeared! I physically saw them on! Any idea? Ciao. A.

Liz A.

Absolutely. Good friends can be the best to encourage positive change...and point out if you're ever acting like a jackass.


I do resist change. It is my greatest flaw...in my eyes.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Antonella, your comments are intact.

Having lived with someone whose life's purpose seemed to be to change me, but which I resisted, I would say that I let myself evolve when I feel it is what suits me.


Im an 5x Aries...I thrive on change! BUT, that also means that I can be very stubborn if I'm not careful. LOL

There have been deeply seated patterns within me that have resisted change. furiously at times. And I have allowed myself to be changed by the desires of others before.

In the last few years, I've gotten better at both of these things. Not perfect...but I'm getting better.

And because I have this STUDENT archetype, it seems I've been on a lifelong journey of trying to 'better' myself. Those kinds of changes have been great.

Gravity and age have done their bit to change me. But that's a whole nuther Oprah ;-)

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Grace, you can only safely change if you have a stubborn belief in yourself.

Wait, are you saying that students are trying to better themselves? I thought that students were trying to better their teacher!

Amy Sue Nathan

Change has beaten me to a pulp and also allowed me to grow.

I can't wait for more change.

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