Life as a Ruffly Dress
Tidbits from Retired Life in Florida (thanks to my mother)



I don't know if he loved me, but I was clearly in love with someone else and he knew this. It didn't seem to bother him though, but it bothered me that he would be so desperate to settle with someone who wasn't tht into him. We eventually drifted, our friendship in pieces. I felt horrible about the whole thing. It was very complicated.

Small Footprints

I have had that experience ... thinking about it makes me feel sad that the other person's feelings were hurt.


Oh yes. VERY awkward. I felt bad about it and had to end things.


Sorry. And a bit guilty too. Don't know why.

Liz A.


The Last Post

I was really frightened, I was getting bombarded with emails and text messages every day even though I had politely explained how things were. I was so relieved when it fizzled out.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

It made me feel bad that I must have led him on.

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