Tidbits from Retired Life in Florida (thanks to my mother)
More ENOUGH Beads



I always hope to find that my (negative) preconceived notions of a place are wrong!

I remember before going to Turkey...I was a bit weary of what I would find there (watching midnight express was not a very good idea). Nonetheless, I found that Turkey is a beautiful country filled with some of the warmest and lovely people on earth!


Something new and wonderful I've never seen before and am unlikely to see any place else! :)

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Watching how people interact and go about their lives: how it differs from what I know, and how it is the same.


I'm gearing up for a trip across half the country along what's been called "The Lonely Highway" (US Route 50). What do I hope to see or experience? Life as it's being lived, what's sustaining/frustrating my fellow travelers, how they keep on keeping on. Also some good finds at Salvation Armies/Goodwills. Ever the thrifty thrift-store shopper . . .

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