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If you knew me, you would know how weird this is, but I meditate. Usually 15 minutes in the evening and I feel connected to the whole universe.
I also have a box of inspirational snippets that I pick one or two out of each morning to ponder and practice.


I pray and I cry and I read and I write and I take long hot baths! (How's that for a sentence?)

PS: Thinking of you as you search for a place to live.

Alison Veres

Hi Laura --
Here for the first time, after I read your comment at Cakelet. And I see your topic for today: Beliefs-What you do to comfort your soul. And I think, huh-- that's one of my favorite topics. Then I read the comment above (by someone named "she") and lo! I do those exact same things! In the exact same order! So, in the most literal sense, my comment just has to be: "What 'she' said." :-) And thank you, for giving me that prompt, and that chance to reflect on the things that comfort me. I can add another one to the list. I talk to my friends. I have many good friends, and I have one who's more special than the rest. And when I talk to her, it always helps. There aren't too many things more comforting than loving someone and being loved by them in return.

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