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Butt Echo

On Sunday afternoon I decided to start my exercise regimen. A friend made me realize that I shouldn’t fear running (do people jog anymore?), and so I figured this would be the perfect day to start my life as a runner. In the past, and I mean distant past as in when Nike was still using waffle irons to make the sole of its running shoes, I had tried jogging, but I was never comfortable with the activity. I thought the problem was the shin splints that I inevitably got, especially on my right leg. My friend convinced me that if I just get better running shoes and run past the pain, all would be well.

So there I was, on an astonishingly spring-like February Sunday, in the exercise pants I bought in the summer of 2004 for my day trip to the hospital to get my left ovary removed and the Champion cross-training shoes that I bought at Payless a few years ago when I still believed that going to the gym would transform my body, ready to make my pony tail sway from side to side as I swooshed above the pavement. (You can tell that I’m still on a bit of a high after my shoveling with no pain day.)

One step, two steps, three steps, STOP! Oh my god. It came back to me, the hidden reason for not running or jogging or whatever it is that you do when your body is going one way and your butt is going another. Yes, I had a butt echo. Seriously, I could feel my butt moving as if was separate from the rest of my body; I was down and it was up, and when I was up, it was down.

To those who are not in the know, I can best describe a butt echo as being the hideous feeling that all the junk food you ever ate is in a ball that is attached to the back of a belt, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing against you as you run.

I stopped, and resumed walking as if I hadn’t just had an epiphany.  And so my running career ended three steps into it. I’m thinking that running is not a sport for those whose body types tend toward balancing the weight in the front with the weight in the back, with the emphasis on picking up the rear.

So, if you see me running you can be sure that it’s because someone with a knife is after me or else someone’s dog with fangs is chasing me, because there are no other foreseeable reasons for me to submit myself to another butt echo.

Walking is such a lovely activity, how could I ever think something could be better?

Note: This is the first appearance of the term "butt echo," which I came up with to describe this bodily phenomenon. It might become more popular than some other terms I created, such as: leg sideburns (which are those pesky hairs that grow on some people's inner thighs) and splunch (which is an afternoon brunch). 

Butt Echo, copyright 2009 Laura G.



I shouldn't laugh at your "butt echo" dilemma but I'd never heard the expression before! I attempted a (brief) experiment with running years ago - gave it up. Running hurts. Screw the no pain no gain thing.
Walking is far more civilized. And no butt echo!


Butt echo is hilarious! The phrase, I mean. Not the echo. But if you keep with it, you will get toned, tight glutes. Of course, I'm not one to give advice here. I haven't been consistently running since my knee thing about four months ago.


Butt echo - good one! As for running, due to various old injuries I just can't do it but my son, "the professor" (as my Dad refers to him) has this whole regime he follows which I can't duplicate but I do pick the parts out that I can do.
I follow much of his diet and he doesn't run but works out at the gym and does sprints. While I can't sprint outdoors, I have found I can do the equivalent on my treadmill.
I haven't been doing any of this long enough to make a difference but if I morph into a 50looking30 kind of chick, I'll let you know. :)


Hmm, "Butt echo" the t-shirt? I can see this new phrase catching on. Very evocative.

Running or jogging is something I've never been able to do. I've always gotten horrible shooting pains in the side (and have been told to just work through them, but am not one who likes to willingly put myself through pain unless there's a baby at the end). But walking's good; right?


Thank you for supplying a great name for that thing that happens to my butt as well. But most of all, thank you for a laugh that got my belly wobbling as well. :-D


HA! That's funny and will go away with time as you exercise more. It is a slow but rewarding process but if you feel strange running walk and work up to running latter. If it's too cold you can always hit the gym and do the bike or elliptical machine. I fine exercise is a great release for all the tension and nonsense we have to deal with in life and it is addicting in a good way.

There's one reader of my blog who took up running and she can't stop doing it now.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Beth, I will try to reduce the echo with the walking, but my goodness, sometimes our bodies really do speak to us.

Dingo, my glutes, are they in there, somewhere? When they're not tight are they called loose glutes?

rockync, my butt echo has been an accompaniment for years, without my ever realizing it. So the 50looking30 doesn't seem an option for my. But you go girl!

JC, I'm assuming that the printing needs to go on the back of this tee-shirt. What's with these people convincing us that pain is good? Is this all part of this country's puritan heritage?

Splodge!, oh my, so you're echoing from all over.

Ricardo, the thing that I hated about working out in the gym was that I tended to focus on how unhappy I was everytime I lifted a weight or did another repeition. When I'm outdoors I focus a little less on me and my mind wanders more, which is good. I'm going to try to pick the pace up (I don't take the dog with me, since he stops all the time to smell and scent the roses), which should certainly help. Sorry poops.

Midlife Slices

Seriously, this post made me burst out laughing and it's 12:29 a.m. and I'm tired and want to sleep.....but I'm sitting here laughing my butt......oh wait, NOW I know what a butt echo feels like. Ugh.......


You know, I hadn't thought of the printing on the back, but absolutely!

I don't think the Puritans were into the whole jogging thing either. Their pain was probably more of the ill-fitting shoe variety.

Stepping Thru

I call mine "jumping trunk". It's pathetic how the thing just moves on it's own as if it isn't really a part of the rest of my body. You made me really laugh and made me feel better about my butt. At least we aren't alone.

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