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I Couldn’t Help Myself

For two days I have been dealing with mr.ex moving my dirty dishes and assorted pots to the dining room table (“my spot”) as punishment because I had the audacity to move his frying pan, that he put in the sink expecting me to wash it, and put it on his table. Childish, yes, but there are some lines that I don’t want to cross, and washing his dishes is one of the main ones. Anyway, there was this movement of dishes and then the requisite curses and insults from him that incorporated the weekend drama, because the rest of the time I was trying to grade 75 papers (all of which were bad, causing me to think what a bad teacher I am and what to do to help those 14-year-olds think and write at the same time).

All of this ridiculousness did prompt me to look for a rental place, which would cost the other half of my salary that my share of the mortgage here doesn't take, which would leave me and my daughters with nothing to live on. But I am determined to be out near my birthday, which is coming up.

Anyway. Back to the drama. While I know that I should not get on Craig’s List personals because it has become a real downer, it has, unfortunately, also become a bit of an obsession for me. I keep thinking that the reality is not the real reality so I keep expecting an actual man with intelligence, personality, and smile that charms me who finds all of that in me to make himself known. Alas, this has not happened. (Duh, for anyone who as read any posts here.) Do I scare them off with my verbal antics? Perhaps my discussion of why drama is an expected part of life scared off one man, while my ability to string sentences together that developed a point could have scared off another. I will not say looks because lately I have been found to be beautiful (YES!), except for Mark. Which brings me to what I couldn’t help doing.

Now mind you I broke a cardinal rule with Mark: I responded to an email that had lol (no, it was L.O.L.) in it—not just in one email, but in two out of three. And since he is not a man of many words, that was a big part of his writing. But I thought maybe I am being too discriminatory in the email part of the dating game, and I would give him the benefit of the doubt that his verbal ability will come out in conversation. DING DING DING. Dumb move. Stick to the rules, that’s why you made them.

Mark: Your very pretty Laura. I'm looking for some one that is height weight Proponent.  ?? Don’t mean to offend you ok.

(I will not even use my red pen to mark all of Mark’s grammatical errors, I will skip right to my response—which I couldn’t resist sending.)

ME:  You're a stupid man, no offense.

For those of you who are not in with this dating term: to be height-weight proportional is a way of saying “thin” or no evidence that you have eaten a Big Mac or M&Ms for the past 47 years. Back to the rules. 



Taking notes here - I'm always learning from you!


Your response cracked me up! It sounds like something many women would love to send to men who want beautiful, skinny, adoring women when they themselves are lacking in many, many, ways -- grammar and punctuation being one.


I could never date a man who wrote "you're" as "your" or "someone" as "some one." Ever. (Unless he looked like Brad Pitt.)


Get your life in order and somewhere along the way a decent relationship will find you.

As for this: "But I am determined to be out near my birthday, which is coming up."


Liz A.

One time, I dated a man who hadn't even graduated high school. We had the best time together, but knew it was never to be anything more serious, we just came from totally different worlds. We had some great times together, but I'm fairly certain it was a rare exception.


Omg. I so get the grading papers part and feeling like a bad teacher because their writing is damn bad! Ahhhhh!

About the dishes, I wouldn't wash his either! So, good for you!


Omg. I so get the grading papers part and feeling like a bad teacher because their writing is damn bad! Ahhhhh!

About the dishes, I wouldn't wash his either! So, good for you!


Sorry, Laura, I don't know your background and you may say that this none of my business, but can't you chuck him out and live with your daughter in your house? For the rest, I'm sure you're bautiful inside and outside, so please for someone like that too. You deserve him. Life is to short to compromize!!! Wish you all the best. Ciao. Antonella

Heidi Lou

I love your reply!


Oh well said - excellent response.

I agree with you and everyone else - you shouldn't wash his dishes.

You must have the patience of a saint as I'd have slung him out a long time ago.

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