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I Have Nothing to Wear: Eyeglasses Department

It is not okay that the head of my department, who just announced that she will be retiring in June, has hipper glasses than me. The one saving grace is that she didn’t splurge and get the progressive lenses so you can see that she is wearing bifocals, while mine are progressives so you wouldn't be able to age me by the horizontal line in the middle of my lenses. Other than that, the woman who wears three-inch bright yellow platform flip flops (and not just during Spirit Week) and colored opaque stockings with clogs and denim skirts is far ahead of the game than me in the “what’s on your face” department.

This is definitely not good. My glasses were hip, when I bought them two years ago. Now they are passé, and that is not making me happy. Especially when confronted with her Dolce & Gabbana’s. So, I decided to get me some hip glasses. I figured if it was one of the girls who needed a new item for her wardrobe I would moan and then buy it, so I decided to do the same for myself. Yes, splurge on myself. Hard to contemplate.

First I went to the cheapo store where I found my last two pairs of hip glasses for a lot less. But there was nothing there: nothing that bespoke “new and improved” and made me feel that I was making a step up the hip-o-meter and not merely treading water. I practically had tears in my eyes when I left that store, where else would I get the look I want at the price I want?

So to LensCrafters I went, which is where the hip soon-to-be-retiree got her glasses. Yes, I was a frame stalker. I found a pair in two different color options that I liked, so over to the saleman I went. He decided to make life difficult for me showing me his cost card for different types of lenses. For goodness sakes I said to him in my New York cum Israel tone (which means, no patience for you) when he showed me his laminated card with lots of columns and rows and numbers, just tell me how much the glasses would cost with the medium-priced lenses.


I felt that I needed to remind him about the 25% off something sale that was advertised all over the store.

“That is with the discount.”

There goes hip. There is no way that I am paying that much money for glasses. So I will need to go to the other cheapo frame stores where I have never found a frame I liked and hope that this time things will be different. For now, you’ll recognize me when I stand next to the retiring English teacher, I’m the one with the glasses that look like the older woman should be wearing, and she’s the one wearing the glasses that I should be wearing.

I wonder who’s going to replace her?



I had to stop with the comparisons - that, combined with my propensity for scratching my lenses was becoming way too expensive for my budget.
And while I love the look of my progressives, I don't think I'll ever adjust...zoom in...zoom out...


Lenscrafters is so expensive. My husband and son have been buying their glasses online from 39dollarglasses.com. (Maybe not the route you'd want to go). I feel your pain. You'll have to start an eyeglasses fund, I guess.


Eyesight is overrated. Look at Stevie Wonder...he's doing just fine!


A friend of mine has just bought a pair of Chanel eyeglasses with progressive lenses for £800. Yes, £800!! No job, a lady-of-leisure but she can afford them as she has no kids, no pets and a hard-working and very generous husband! Am I envious/ Oh no, I wouldn't never swap my two "babies" for all her Armani clothes, LV and Gucci handbags, Chanel glasses and sunglasses! I get eyeglasses and contact lenses over the Internet and with the savings I can afford to buy Xbox and Nintendo DS for my kids. Now, what do you think gives me more happiness? Take care. Ciao. A.


I'm completely hopeless in the fashion dept. Any fashion dept.
Sorry I haven't been around - for reasons I don't understand, I can't access your blog at work so I have to wait until the weekends to catch up with you!


I SEE what you're sayin' (pun intended).

My eye doc says I'm still okay with the drug store cheaters so I'm not looking at a couple hundred vs 400 or 500. It's more like 9.99 for the yucky matronly cheaters, or $40 for the pink rhinestone (Swarovski Chrystals actually). Even though we've been in dire straights with Hubby disabled and lack of income, I popped for the pink, glittery cat's eyes. What else would the Mad Goddess do?


Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Judith, a woman needs to know what to splurge on and I would say pink rhinestone readers is the place. Just don't forget where you put them.

Gucci Eyeglasses

You can find beautiful readers at SimplyEyeglasses.com http://www.simplyeyeglasses.com.

They are an Optical Lab so you can buy direct with them.


OMG, why did you pay retail for eyeglasses? Get them over the internet! Please tell me you took a copy of your prescription with you!!

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