I Couldn’t Help Myself
A Minute to Myself (153)

Life as a Ruffly Dress

Life is like a dress with lovely ruffles. Sometimes the ruffles get flattened, and sometimes they are too poufy. It's never quite right. But it's stunning with the imperfections and in those fleeting moments of exactitude. Even with a wilted ruffle that just won't stand, it can be fun, funny and joyous.

What is your metaphor for life?


Small Footprints

I think life is like many paths ... all leading to the same destination.

Loved yours!

Small Footprints


To me, life is a journey, and ideally we're learning as we go. We don't know where our journey is going to take us. We all have challenges, we just don't know when we'll face them, and hopefully when they come along, we'll be able to use what we've learned to deal with them or they'll make us stronger for the next challenge.


I've always loved this quote on life by Albert Einstein:

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."

My personal motto for life is - "courage and patience". I have tons of one and never enough of the other. I strive for balance.

I love the ruffled dress metaphor.

Liz A.

JC, I really like yours.

Laura, I've thought about this for a day and just can't come up with anything. I've never been very good at metaphors since I learned what they were in elementary school.

And I'm stealing this from when I saw Will Smith on Oprah, but I liked it. Life is a series of births and deaths. Unfortunate events are bound to happen (divorce, losing a house or loved one) and that part of your life has died, but you're bound to experience a rebirth finding yourself more knowledgeable and prepared to face the future. That also follows the "born again" experience Evangelicals tend to talk about all the time, but I like it for a personal metaphor.


Love your metaphor, Laura. And I like the one about life being many paths...too. I won't tell you mine today as I'd be censored and kicked out from the Web! Bad day as usual! Ciao. A.

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