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A Minute to Myself (148)

Talking to a Mom

"Hi, Laura, it's Karen's mother. Did she tell you that my cancer returned?"

"No. What kind?"


And with that I started talking to the mother of one of my younger daughter's friends (who slept over last night), and who is one of my best front door friends. You know, one of those women who you talk with for an hour when you go to pick up your child or she comes to pick up hers, but it never progresses past that stage.

We talked about her hair, her shaving her head, her inability to look at herself without her hair, her kids wanting her to have her wig on, and the little cap that she wears, and how her older daughter (13) comes home to be with her. Then she asked about my life. And we did a front door talk on the phone.

Now I sit here thinking of her body getting help fighting the cancer from the medical establishment, and her emotional self getting help fighting the cancer from her husband and family and friends, and her strong sense of self. I wish her and all of those fighting cancer and illness healing and health. 



This is so sad. I pray that this lady is able to win this fight against this disease. It really does give us different perspectives when we see and hear things like this. Things like whining, stinky diapers and endless cleaning up after little ones is no comparisons to what this mom is dealing with. Thank you for the perspective adjustment today!


My best wishes for her. And YOU.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Lori, I would have preferred that you stay mired thinking how horrible diapers are.

April, thanks. She was so concerned about her wig and hat; I would not have realized she was in the midst of chemo if she hadn't told me. Makes you wonder what people are dealing with that we, the people who the periphery of their lives, never know.


I wish her well and hope she's okay. She's got a family to live for and that's so important, having something to fight for besides yourself. Your being there for her, an occasional card or phone call, will also make a difference to her.


Well I too send wishes of healing and health.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

JC, your comment made me stop saying I will call later to invite her out for coffee and do it right then. We're meeting this morning.

Ricardo, I'll transmit them to her. Thanks.

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