One Day, Seven Kinds of Therapy
Israel Story: Hard at Work on the Kibbutz


Caroline perception shapes our reality! How I thought I had failed, but really had not. How perception can trick us to think we have failed...but actually we took a risk and tried something. It is what we learned in the process of trying that shapes our lives. So how can any of us be failures?


I would probably want to share how good/ long term/committed therapy changed my life. I would have never said that years ago...(part of my habits and coping mechanisms that were absolutely ingrained in me from my mother since birth. It took years...and even some medication at times....but really I feel I have broken patterns and want so much to share that it can be done.


Hmmm...interesting question. I'm thinking I wouldn't want to bore the poor audience, so I'd probably talk about creativity and the various forms and places it shows up in my life and the wonderful outlet it is.

I'm curious what you're lecture would be about, Laura.


How important my friends have been to me. The courage they show in living, just that, the day to day, getting the f-ing dishes done. Dealing with it all. My friend P, with the grotesque marriage, but her beautiful art; A, who is in school, trying a new therapy, hopeful still at social-security-benefits age; me, moi-meme, trying hard, making mistakes, but loved. Joy and wonder and sustenance in the smallest, littlest things: A's phone calls; P's compliments on my home. cups of less-than-perfect coffee, but perfect, perfect chat.

Liz A.

Mental illness does not have to rule your life.

If you love yourself, the important people in your life will also love you and the unimportant people very well may hate you, which is why I trying to learn how to always live my life for me.

Can I link to this on my blog? It's a great question.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Achievements. I'll divide my lecture into two, or I'll give two lectures. One achievement is getting out of a controlling and abusive relationship. I would talk about the signs, those little hints that women should be aware of that hint at more than his wonderfully unique personality but point instead to potential problems down the road. The second achievement lecture would be about how hard it is to separate yourself and your accomplishments from how they are accepted or not from others. It has taken a long time to realize that I am a good writer and creator (I used to develop games) even if you can't find my creations on a store near anyone.

Liz, you can certainly link the question to your blog.

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