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Liz A.

I could say wherever my husband is, but that's a little too cheesy/simple. Maybe one day if we have a home where we know we're going to stay, we'll have a feeling of permanence, which I think is important for feeling at home.

In the past, my home I lived in from birth until I was 11-12. It was home because it was all I had ever known. I moved too much after that to ever feel at home.

Small Footprints

I used to believe that home is where the heart is ... cliche, I know ... but I truly felt that way. That is ... I believe it until we moved to our current location. I suddenly felt like I belonged ... more than just being with the love of my life ... it was this place. It welcomed me and whispered ... "you're home".

Great question ... love your "minutes".

BTW ... hope you'll be celebrating Earth Hour 2009. :)

Small Footprints


boy, I wish I had the first time around. I anxiously await to see the results.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

I never felt that the place I grew up in was home. Maybe because it was an apartment with no space outside, which is essential for me to feel at home anywhere. Sitting on the beach in Tel Aviv was home for years. Other than that, I'm looking forward to finding--and creating--a home for myself and my daughters. Maybe home really is where you can fully be yourself and express it, and knolw that you are fully living who you are.

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