What’s with this hair on my chin?
Observations from a Kindergarten Classroom



"They" tell me I look really young! I got carded New Year's Eve! But I feel pretty damn old right now. I'm so very, very, very tired!

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

I used to believe them when they told me I look young, now I just feel humored. I feel tired, I feel haggard, I feel my age--every minute of those 47 years.

Liz A.

I was always mistaken for 17 years old until I gained my "marital bliss" weight. Apparently, I now atleast look old enough to drink with that extra 40-60lbs.

I feel in my midtwenties most of the time, except when I actually talk to my old friends still in our college town and they look at me really strangely when I mention my marriage, varying insurance policies or retirement funds. Just don't ask me on a day my back is totally spazzing out and I'm stuck on my heating pad.


I think I look my age, in my forties. Sometimes I look older when I'm very tired. I usually feel 80, but when I'm with my best friend I feel 16 again! Ciao. A.


I kid you not. I feel 19, I look.....I look....I feel 19, did I say that already?


Right now people would say I look to be in my 20s but I feel 70.


Some days I feel a hundred and seven and other days I feel about 12...

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