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Liz A.

I don't even like to think of my actions from ages 15-20.


I'm not sure at times. At first, I was going to say, immediately that I like myself better today, but I'm not sure. I like how I approach my life better now, yet, I miss the naiveity (sp?) that I had when I was younger. I am so much more cynical now. More accepting, yet more cynical at the same time. So the answer is, there were parts of both times that I like about myself and parts that I didn't/don't like.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Liz, younger for me would probably be my 20's and 30's. The teen years, that's pre-history.

Gwen, I so understand that desire for naivete as opposed to cynicism.

I think I prefer my younger self, which had more self-doubt but at least felt buoyed by hope and adventure and the illusion of love. Now, now I can't decide if I want to spend time with myself.

phd in yogurtry

Today, today, today! I'm more confident, less worried about my appearance (less critical of my big thighs, for example), less worried about pleasing others and instead focused more on pleasing me .. kids excepting, of course. I am in a happy marriage and am having way better sex than I did in my earlier years. No comparison! I like that I am now politically informed. I wish I had been more activist when I was young and childfree.

Great question.


Myself today. I was too angry and tunnel visioned when younger and terribly lacking in confidence. I also look and handle myself much better now than when I was younger.


phd in yogutry, what is with us and our thighs? Just ban corduroys from the world, make pants that accomodate real legs and let us thighed-women be.

Ricardo, ah, you certainly are on a healthy path.

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