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Mother and I have a difficult relationship, but I have always admired her nerve.
She and my father came here after WWII under political asylum after being arrested and jailed by communists in their own country. They had to perform a daring escape which took the idiocy of youth and pure nerve.
She bought her own business, she learned to drive and drove into NYC twice a month for supplies.
Once, when we children were small, she packed us up and drove all the way to Canada on back roads to visit friends.
My husband taught her how to shoot a pistol and she stepped right up (and she has pretty good aim!)
I think her influence is most prominent when I am faced with something I fear, and then I think,"Oh, what the hell, you only live once," and I do it!
My Dad is a quiet guy and not real emotional but he is the man by which I have always measured my beaus - all were found lacking, but I did marry one anyway.
Dad taught me about politics and to this day it is a favorite topic. He also gave me a sense of justice and civic responsibility. My work ethic, my no excuses mentality comes from him. Also a love for animals and appreciating the wild things. And a strong understanding of freedom.


Despite all of my issues with my parents. They are hard working and productive members of society...regardless of how poorly they treated their family...


my father has always treated my mom as an equal. He is old fashioned and yet very modern in many ways.

Liz A.

My parents suck, have disregard for all around them and take no responsibility for their actions. Nothing is ever really their fault, and they deserve everything they want.

Admirable? I guess my mom has always kept a job (to pay for insane amts of debt) My dad's sense of family responsibility means he always goes to funerals. He makes a mean hush puppy. That's all I've got...


They gave me nothing to work with Laura. Divorced when I was 3.


My parents showed me what a successful marriage and relationship could look like. Unfortunately it's a pretty old-fashioned one that could make a woman feel like a doormat if the proper amount of appreciation is not there. And that my father always had.

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