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Stepping Thru

I believe I have lived through enough experiences to last a life time. Not desiring anyone elses.


I would have liked to try bungee jumping ...I went to the top of the "tower" but then I did not dare to jump down...Sounds silly but I stil wonder if I missed something...Have a nice weekend. Ciao. A.

Liz A.

Hmmm? Maybe experience a day in the life of each matriarch/generation in my family. I know parts of my family have been in Georgia and SC since before the Revolution. I've seen what's left from those time periods and I wonder where my family fit in.


My most secret desire was to play the violin at Carnegie Hall. Alas, my mother would not allow me to take violin lessons. ):


I would have liked to have seen my parents in their early days, like when they met in radio school, and also to see them as parents to my siblings (I'm the youngest). Or to go back even farther and see them as they were growing up.

Whenever I used to think about going back in time, it was always to meet someone like J.R.R. Tolkien (when I was reading his books). Definitely would have liked to have seen the Beatles live (although I probably wouldn't have been able to hear them through all the screaming fans).


Stepping Thru, it could be interesting to see how the other people who were with you lived through those moments.

Like you, Antonella, I never would have been able to let go and jump. Unlike you, I never would have even gone up.

Rockync, sorry for a dream lost..or deferred?

JC, parents and famous people, not a bad combination.

I would have liked to make the journey from the shtetl to New York with my ancestors.

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