It's My Birthday
Highlights of a Weekend in New York


Small Footprints

I find that I have to really concentrate on what others are saying ... actively listen. This doesn't come easy for me ... my mind wanders all over the place and then, all of a sudden, I realize that I haven't been listening to what the other person is saying. So if I could change anything ... it would be that I could just naturally listen and not have to work so hard at it.

Liz A.

Small Footprints, I'm also terrible listening to new acquaintances. What was your name again? type of thing, I hate doing that.

I need to try to not get irritated when a man doesn't take my opinion seriously. It really, really gets under my skin and I know I should let it be water off a duck's back. I came close to getting in a verbal altercation with a man at a blackjack table. The man left, but I felt immature and as if I had wasted energy for no reason. Live and learn.

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