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A Minute to Myself (169)

It's My Birthday

It's my birthday. I am 48 today. Last year on my birthday I was in New York with my family celebrating my nephew's Bar Mitzvah. This year my daughter had a friend's Bat Mitzvah on Long Island on the 28th so I decided that this year, too, I will spend my birthday amidst friends and family in New York.  Well, they're not so much celebrating my birthday as enabling me to celebrate mine with people who I love and who love me. You know, the way a birthday should be spent.

I just hope there won't be a lot of traffic on the drive back to Virginia. If there is, I can just put it down to symbolism. That I am meant to stay embraced by those who care rather than thrust into a situation that just brings me down and makes me feel alone. BACK TO BIRTHDAY THOUGHTS.

To all those who share a birthday with me, especially my college friend Cindy Kane--wherever you may be, may your candle wish come true.



Happy Birthday!
Enjoy your time in New York - surrounded by love - the best way to celebrate!


Happy Birthday Laura! I am glad that you will be surrounded by people that love you and appreciate you. May your birthday wishes come true!


Happy Birthday Laura! Have a wonderful Birthday and a stellar year! I hope the coming year brings endings for things that need to end and bright new beginnings... thank you for sharing your life journey with us via your blog!


Happy Birthday, Laura! And I hope your candle wish comes true also.

Small Footprints

Happy Birthday ... I hope that this day is the beginning of a year filled with happiness and joyful surprises around every corner!

Small Footprints


Happy Birthday!! New York is always a place I go for my birthdays too!! (except for last year when I went to Argentina...that was pretty awesome!)


(queuing music)

"They Say it's Your Birthday!" Happy Birthday to you!"
"They Say it's Your Birthday!" "It's My Birthday Too! . . . Just Not For 10 Days Yet!!!" LOL

Hoping that all you wishes for this next year of life come true.


Liz A.

Happy Birthday, Laura!


I hope this next year brings you the many things you deserve...


I hope your drive back was smooth sailing and that your next year is as well.

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