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Actually I think the outside voice is not what you use when you want your inside voice to be heard by others, but for them to hear what you want them to hear.

Best wishes


My inside voice is like my secret sister. I can dream and plan and be as outrageous as I want. But, I don't share that with many people until I've been around them a while


I'd like to use my inside voice as my outside voice more often, but often I don't feel brave enough.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

searchingwithin, the filtered inside voice is what is used outside because it would be too "dangerous" to turn ourselves inside out.

rockync, if our inside voice is so private, where do the thoughts come from that we reveal in our outside voice?

JC, I think the key is to be with people that you are comfortable using your inside voice. We need to have an outlet, it can't always be hidden.


Not always. Sometimes your outside voice is a protector or suppressor of your inside voice. The outside voice can tell people what they want to hear because you feel people may not agree with your inside voice. It is scary to show people your inside voice sometimes.


Laura - now I have to THINK! You are such a task master! :)
My deepest inside voice is purely thoughts that bump around and then must be analyzed and either accepted or rejected. Some of those thoughts, formed at an early age might not be relavent because later experiences negate them. Other thoughts are like dreams; just fantastical musings. Sometimes I think there is a constant state of subconscious analysis going on so that inner voice might give warning in potentially dangerous situations.
I think what happens to the inner voice is I use a mid filter to decide what comes out in my outer voice and what remanins hidden within.


I posted a comment and it was there and now it's gone!

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

rockync, it's here! The disappearing blog comment.

Maybe making people think is why my students dislike me?

Could we call that mid filter the mind filter or the public filter? Isn't it a sign that as we get older we let out the inner voice more. Or is it the opposite, that we have so much going on internally that we don't feel the need to share? I thought this was such a simple post, but now it's got so many dimensions, thanks to all of you commentators. Now you're pushing me to think more too.

I wonder if the voices of people who are creative in other mediums are in words or in images or sounds?


It's true, Laura, as I get older, I don't filter as much of my inner voice - many times I just "let it all hang out!" which is a bit of slang from my youth.
I actually feel more compelled to share my thoughts and observations; my only rule is that I do not give voice to anything cruel that would hurt another human being.
What I want most to share is those beliefs that give me joy and the freedom to enjoy life. I don't want people to waste the precious moments of their lives caught in a negative vaccuum.
Because life really is too short to waste one moment on anything that is not of good purpose. I like that concept of good purpose. I don't remember where I first heard it, but I remember it was in reference to speaking only with good purpose and why not also acting only with good purpose?

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