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A Minute to Myself (164)

What’s with this hair on my chin?

The other day I noticed that one of my male students has a single hair growing from his chin. It was about a half an inch in length, and it was all by itself, hanging there in the breeze. It was so hard not to keep staring at it. At the end of class his two “best” friends teased him about his chin hair and how he only has one and he should cut it off. But he was not parting from his chin hair. He was a man with that, his first chin hair.

So what have I become now that I need to trim the chin? Out of all the developments my body has undertaken since the forty-threshold has been crossed the chin hair one is the worst for me. I am not supposed to have anything more than blond fuzz growing on my chin. What the heck? as my younger daughter would say.

It’s so humiliating to have chin hairs. With those chin hairs I remember what it was like to feel that the entire world was staring at the most gigantic pimple that was at the center of my forehead. I know that I am not the most feminine of women (to me that means that I haven’t bought into the whole cosmetic-fashion-industrial complex), but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be attractive, to be a woman. It doesn’t matter whose terms I’m going by, the chin hairs invade my sense of self in such a horrible way. Chin hairs are to my face what kudzu is to the landscape at the side of the expressway, any expressway.

Ugh. Laser them out. No. I am fearful of all optional procedures. I am not a hypochondriac but I am a medical pessimist, scared that I will be the statistic that is used to show how infrequently a procedure goes awry with me representing the awry part. Besides, I like the fuzz part, just not the hair part.

Have I become one of those women who you want to take out to a dark alley and thrust a tweezer in her face menacingly? “Lady, either you pluck them out or I will.”

Even when I do pluck, I always miss a few hairs. Or do they grow so quickly that I can never keep up with them? I need to go to the store and invest in a few tweezers: for the car, school, and my pocketbook so that I can pluck as soon as an unwelcome hair is detected, wherever I may be. So I guess that means that I will be the ladyless lady who you just may see plucking out chin hairs in her car while stopped at a traffic light.

Note: In this diatribe I have totally ignored the little side of the mouth hairs that are growing in too dark. They hurt so much to pluck that I prefer to pretend that only I can see them.



Ah, those errant strands that seem to sprout endlessly as a constant reminder that we have passed the threshold from youth to (gasp!) middle age.

While my chin remains bare, my upper lip has become the battleground and my wins only temporary as I too am leery of any option that involves a tool that cuts or burns.

And so, I alternate in my attack between waxing and the tweezers. My only comfort is in realizing Oprah probably has the same problem!

Liz A.

I hate tweezing. HATE IT! After just a few hairs, I'm sneezing and watering like crazy, even if it is right after a shower. Waxing is much less traumatic for me. My mom gets her eyebrows and upper lip done at the same time. She claims it's easier that way. Though I totally buy into the cosmetic world, I can spend an hour in Sephora, I really do think properly shaped eyebrows can show the best emphasis on a face.


No chin hairs - yet! But what's with the spider veins on my legs? Every time I get a bruise on my leg I end up with these ugly veins. Laser treatment? No!! I'm like you - I figure I'd make the headlines as the one woman who lost all feeling in her legs (or something equally dreadful) after undergoing routine laser therapy.
It's hard to grow old gracefully - too many unpleasant surprises!


I have a few BLACK moustache (I can't spell that!) hairs that I have waxed, and in between waxing, I shave them. Oh the horror of it all!

My friend has chin hairs and she did do the laser thing, and it worked well for her.


Add that to the deteriorating eyesight. I have an enlarging mirror and I still need my glasses as well to see what others have spotted on my face from a distance.


What about bleaching? Don't like the idea of laser either. Maybe it's not as bad as you think and nobody really notices...We always tend to be overcritical of ourselves. Ciao. A.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

rockync, Oprah probably has a personal assistant assigned to painlessly removing unwanted hair.

Liz, what I don't understand about waxing is that we have to look horrible while we wait for the hair to be long enought to be ripped off. Wait for pain in anticipation.

Beth, my friends keep telling me about hot flashes. I'm so ready to not have my period any more, but I'm not sure about being my own sauna.

She, a friend of mine lasered, too, and swears by it. Why, why the unwanted hair when we have so many other parts of the body to be concerned with?

Brigit, I just got new glasses ($88 with the eye exam!) and went with out the transition to bifoucal part because the frames didn't have room for them. Bad move. Yes, I really do need the bifoucals. I am now unsure how to read a menu.

Antonella, that's an idea. Maybe that will be my beauty routine for the weekend.


How unfair that just as our eyesight starts to fail, our hormonal hairs start to grow! I suspect a serious conspiracy going on somewhere!


Well I have a permanent 5 o'clock shadow but since I'm a guy it's "rugged" as some would say. I don't think lasers would be as bad as you think but that will cost you plenty so that may not be the best. How about waxing? That hurts but it's pretty effective.


Ladies....laser was the best investment I ever made! I even just had my daughter lasered. I never want to see a stray hair, or a gray hair.
the investment was well worth it. No more waxing...sometimes a mini shave. Thank -od for modern medicine.

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