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A Minute to Myself (176)



I've been working out for the past six weeks and I've been amazed at my pogress as I look in the mirror.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

This blog. It will be a year this week. I'm pleased that I finally began acting on my writing.


Ah Laura. I was htinking the blog too ; -)


Your blog is awesome, indeed!
My big awesome moments this weekend involved a mountain - on the way down, I looked up and couldn't believe I'd climbed so high!
But the big achievement was a river crossing. At the beginning of the walk I chickened out and let somebody else carry my pack - on the way home, I did it all by myself. Bliss.


absolutely. it can be oh-so-very-vital to the creative process.

The Last Post

I am usually too critical of myself to look back in awe at my achievements, but I am trying to be kinder to myself. So I would have to say today I stood up for myself at work. A simple thing for most people but a big step for me.


Hi Laura,
I've tagged you for a meme, if you'd like to play.


Yes but not too often. It was working myself out of homelessness then out of a bad area and into a major TV network seen around the world and surviving all the dangers that happen in that time. Statistically I was not supposed to make it this far.

Outside of that, writing a few screenplays.

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