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Not a Post about Cleavage, but about the Village


Liz A.

I do not enjoy being outside. Why? I hate applying sunscreen. I hate the freckles I already have. I do try to walk the dogs despite my aversions to UV rays. I tend to enjoy it once I'm out there, once or twice a week.

On the other hand, it means I can fire up the grill without donning layers of clothing which is always a great thing.

Stepping Thru

Working in my garden or flower beds or sitting by the pond fishing. I love the outdoors.


I love the idea of being outside, working in the garden. In reality though, most days I'm inside working, good weather or bad! Alas!


I'd love to lie on a white beach and read a nice book. I'd like to do this on my own every now and then. But there is no beach I can lie on here in York and if we ever go to the beach I'm usually too busy to entertain the kids! Ciao. A.


I like to be outside, at least for a little while. At home, I've been enjoying watching the birds outside at the feeder. They're really taking over the backyard right now.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

An ideal way to enjoy a lovely day is to sit on the deck in the back of the house or the little porch in the front. Sometimes when I sit I can have a clearer enjoyment of the weather than when I am moving about.


I haven't relaxed to notice if it were a beautiful day or not in a long time and although I want to I just cannot relax and it stinks


Doing absolutely nothing. Maybe go out and have fun but nothing strenuous. A lazy day!

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