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Tired of Teens

I must say that I am tired of teens. I’m tired of being around them all the time. I’m tired of listening to their enthusiasms and their boredoms. I’m tired of being concerned, of not being concerned enough, of needing to be concerned. I’m tired of watching them challenging me and listening to my every word.  I’m tired of needing to be entertaining day in and day out for each of my students, and for figuring out what will engage each of those students. I know exactly what it means to be drained, because that is precisely how I feel. Depleted. How much can a person give of her mind and her heart and her soul without finding that all that is left is a temper.

Spring break, ah spring break starts tomorrow afternoon. I will not grade papers nor will I plan any lessons. I need to step away so that I can come back full of the energy and excitement that they deserve—that I deserve to be filled with.

To all the teachers out there—enjoy your BREAK by using it as just that, an opportunity to break from the draining but generally enlivening routine.



Yeah, you really have a tough job. It's a war zone.


I am on spring break and go back to work on Monday....

Personally, I don't get the whole we are supposed to keep them entertained thing. Boredom is a necessary part of life and learning.


Yay for Spring break! Mine starts tomorrow afternoon too!

Have a restful one!


absolutely. Sometimes you HAVE to take a step back. Kids of all ages are both exciting and very draining. I hope you can really get some good relaxtion time in


It has to be hard getting that attention this this era of the 60-second attention span...I tip my hat to you for your efforts. I juggle for the 2-6 year olds...they love it!!!!

The teenagers I coach don't respond to juggling the same way.


oooff. thats the sound of getting all the air smacked out of you.
recognising you need a break is a good thing - i don't think all teachers do.

my advice? (you know, if you had asked for it, or even seemed to need it or something, and here i am giving it anyway). Do something completely childish this weekend - wear something silly and bright. blow bubbles in public. make mud pies. something that makes you nervous and giggly because it is so silly. And do it only with grown ups. in front of people who disapprove of silliness.
i think silliness is the best antidote for depletedness.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Ricardo, no, not a war zone, a challenge of the wills: my will to teach and inspire opposite their collective will to defy me. Luckily, thankfully, there are some who really are knowledge seekers and who actually think I have what to say and give.

Pseudo, okay, not quite entertain but at least keep them from hearing blah blah blah as I talk instead of "the definition of an appositive is..."

she, enjoy! I have 125 papers to grade that I know will be quite comfy in my car for the week.

Jessica, I am off to LA for a few days with my older daughter checking out a school. I definitely look forward to the complete change of scene and mentality. Bring on the beach!

morethananelectrician, jiggling for attention? I'll spare us all the vision. You'd think that at some point they'd tire of talking to themselves, but alas, they never seem to. So it's just me and my whip.

Kazari, I am so not a "do a silly thing in public" person--but I used to be. I used to wear different colored socks with dresses and put colored strings in my hair. I am thinking that I will try not to care that my arms are jiggly and my shoes unattractive and just be comfortable. Does that count?


Teens! Those wonderful, horrible, frustrating, gratifying human beings that make you want to laugh and cry at the same time. Anyone who has ever taught teens, had teens or lived in close proximity to teens I'm sure can understand where you're coming from.

I'm glad spring break is here; sounds like you can use it and sounds like you have a plan to use it wisely, so enjoy!

Midlife Slices

I hope you have a very relaxing spring break. Take some time for yourself. Sounds like you need it worse than the kids.


I can only imagine how drained you teachers must get. I think it's good that you recognize this in yourself because there are many teachers that don't. I hope that you have a great break from all of it...that your able to treat yourself...to get filled up...able to do some things that you enjoy.

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