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Swallow away my fears


Liz A.

I love you, pumpkin.

If anything it makes me think of the time Jeff called my best friend pumpkin before we married and it made me jealous and for the first time I realized I was being dumb for not being with him. He's a smart man, and I can think back on it now and smile.


Can I help? Would you like me to make dinner? How about I take you out to dinner.


The typical...."You look amazing..."or ...You do not look your age. Vanity still takes over.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Thank you, with meaning.

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I absolutely am loving this post :D absolutely gonna need to put this on my blogroll.

rose duprey

to close my eyes and think of my three children smiling in whatever paths they have chosen, that is a great sense of relief for me as a single mom with three grandchildren also to take a minute out of myself and chill is to pretend to be 10 yrs old riding my banana seat bike on a hot summer day in vermont picking green apples love the sour ones with a warm wind blowing and the smell of fresh cut grass oh yeah good ole summertime in the 70;s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rose, I agree, hearing the joy in one of daughter's voice brings me so much satisfaction.

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