Sidebar observation on Judge Sotomayor
The Symbolism of a Frozen Pizza


Liz A.

Trying to outrun your demons, literal and and figurative, only makes the problems worse. Once you face them and let them go, there's a place of peace to be found.

Literally I find myself very close to my hometown where I SWORE to myself I would never be again, but I let everything go that happened there and found a happiness that almost makes me laugh. I had to recognize it was only a small Christian town, not all the bitterness I associated with it.


I have changed various states of my thought process to beat my panic disorder and it's working. the result? A much better life ahead.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Changes. I changed myself from being an introvert to an out-going introvert. At some point between high school and college I realized that standing next to a wall and blending in is not the way I want to live my life and so I stepped out, in front, and opened my mouth and talked and acted and lived.

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