At Last
Parent-Teacher Conference



I always take "unique" as a compliment - doesn't matter what it's referring to - and I get it a lot.
I think I used to be hot, too. Let's consider ourselves "warm" - at the very least...


Hmmmm. I've got nothing.


A similar comment from my daughter going through my wedding photo album! She then quickly added that I wasn't so bad now after all! Ciao. A.


No compliments lately but I hope you had a great mothers day.


I got called a bitch by my husband who did not like that I saw that my 16 year old son's Mother's Day Card was signed, "From, son's first name and last name" and I commented, quietly only to my husband, "I thought I taught my son to sign his cards better. At least use 'Love' when you are giving your mother a card. 'From' where does this come from?"

Hubby went off and called me a bitch (even though I really was not bitching, seriously.) Abusive attack was then followed by, "no wonder your son does not love you..."
Great Mother's Day 2009, huh. Thanks Dad.

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