A Minute to Myself (180)
An Early Mother's Day Gift

At Last


At last.

It’s more relief and exhaustion than happiness, but happiness, I feel it peeking in, getting ready to enter my psyche, not as a reminder of what had been, but of what will, oh, so soon be.

But now, now I am stressed thinking about the purchasers and if they will really go through with the purchase and if there will be any more hitches, such as the air conditioner not working when they did the home inspection. But those are all details, and this is a big-picture event. This is big, this is what I so need. I’m more exhausted now than I have been in a while, perhaps because I am letting go of holding myself in, or I am realizing that soon I will be able to breathe and my body is draining all of the toxicities that it had been storing for so long.

Oh, how I am envious of myself in just a few weeks when I will have finished making all of the arrangements and packing, and I will be after signing over the house to these wonderful people, and I will be with my younger daughter in our own apartment.

At last, indeed.

Smile. Yes, I am smiling. And crying, too. Relief. Relief is on it's way.



This a a huge step in going forward! I'm happy for you.
And, yeah, the "letting go" of the stress can be physically and mentally exhausting.
Smiling and crying at the same time makes perfect sense.


This is a step in the right direction. Good news.

Liz A.

YAYAYAY! This is such good news. I'm very happy for you.


Yay!!!! I have my fingers and toes crossed for you! Glad to hear such good news!


Great news! Now, you can move forward - hurray!




Such good news! Hooray!


I'm so happy for you!

Sending good vibes, prayers, etc. that the deal will go through.


That's fantastic, Laura! Finally you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Time to celebrate. All the best. Ciao. A.


I am so so happy for you!!!

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