A Minute to Myself (179)
A Minute to Myself (180)

Swallow away my fears

If I swallow deeply, maybe I can swallow away my fears.

If I sigh fully, maybe I can sigh away my anxieties.

If I stare intently, maybe I can stare away the things I don't want to see.

If I scream loudly, maybe I can scream away my hatreds.

If I shudder strongly, maybe I can shudder away my discontents.

And if I smile purely, maybe I can smile in happiness.



I can relate to each one of these lines. I hope for many smiles for you and I both today!


I like this. Very much.

I might add - "And if I must cry, may my tears be cleansing ones."

Small Footprints

Here's another ...

If I pretend that life is wonderful ... perhaps I'll see that it is.

I hope you smile in a lot of happiness!

Midlife Slices

I wish you success.


Well, they do say that attitude is everything.


So beautifully deep, Laura. I just wish that the smile wil last forever. Look after yourself. Ciao. A.


I can say that sighing fully will relive anxiety if you do it repeatedly.

rose duprey

the quote is evr so true to have fear leaves no room for change i used to be afraid of change and fear was always near finally i broke down my wall,, i must say that life now has been a ball!!to look through doors whom where you never dare is a release for there is no need to scare!! i have such a piece of mind now i just had to figure it out and i did just that somehow!!!!


Rose, you sound like you are surely have passed whatever wall was in front of you and now it has fallen and it is behind, past your present. What a wonderful sensation, even if there is still so much unknown ahead.

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