Beware of the Bread Knife Thief!
Dissolution of a Marriage



#1 - family and friends
#2 - just about anyone who needs it!
#3 - when I've had enough of dealing (on my own) with my own "dark places"


~1 - my parents and my best friend
~2 - I feel compassion for most people who need it!
~3 - I like being left on my own when I suffer, but a hug from kids can do miracles!

Liz A.

Compassion has always bitten me in the butt.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

1, Sometimes the kindness of a stranger is what really touches me, at other times, my parents and friends.

2, I am a glutton to give of my heart. Can you tell?

3, When another enough bead is added to my necklace.

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