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The other day I sent an encourging email to a colleague in my class. I wasn't sure what she had been upset about that day, but it seemed to be something about her job being in limbo. After knowing her for two weeks I can say that she is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Any wonder that she's a second grade teacher?

Whenever I arrive in the morning to campus, I walk from the parking lot to the classroom alone. How is it that on the day after I sent that email, we both got there at the same time and walked together to class? Talking the while time, with her explaining her job situation and how her now former principal was treating her poorly.

Have you had this kind of coincidence or whatever you want to call it (fate if you must) happen to you?


The Last Post

I was talking to my sister earlier this evening. She is on holiday in Devon on the south coast. I have been keeping an eye on the weather forcast for her and the second I told her it was forcast rain she said it actually started to rain.

phd in yogurtry

I love these kinds of coincidences. Seredipity, it's called, I think?

Here's one: I was out of town over the weekend. On Saturday night I was thinking about a former client of mine, I hadn't seen her in my office in months. Was thinking on her issues and how I handled them, etc, wondering how she was doing. I thought she might have moved out of state. Came home to find an email in my box, from said client, requesting an appointment this week. She sent the email mid-afternoon on Saturday. This kind of thing happens a LOT to me. Which is strange and keeps life interesting.


For me it works out the opposite...I only run into people when the negative things have to come out.

Joanna J

I grew up in a very small town. When I return to visit my family I tend to stay away from the "town square" to avoid running into people I "used to know" because my time at home is so limited. But each time I break that rule, I run into the most wonderful former classmates or their parents, and we sit and have an ice cream together and catch up. It's nice :-)


These types of things happen to me often enough that I question the randomness of events and wonder if things truly do happen for a reason. It's very interesting at the very least.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

TLP, I hope you were not blamed for power over the weather.

PhD, Serendipity. Yes, thanks for bringing a word back into my vocabulary. That was certainly serendipitous. It really makes you wonder about how we are connected.

MTAE, would that be coincidence (or serendipity) or is that "oh shit"?

Joanna J, sounds like you need to schedule in town square during each visit.

JC, since it happens to so many of us, there really must be something underlying these serendipitous events. What? I have no idea. But it is a wonder to think about.


That sort of thing happens to me all the time, just little things. Thinking about someone and the phone rings and its them. That sort of thing. Not sure that it means all that much, but I love it.

Laura, Just realised that when I've left comments recently I haven't been completing the process???? How long have I been following your blog for? So comments I have left haven't appeared. Sorry if you thought I was just lurking.


I usually run into people I can't stand as opposed to those who I wish to support.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Brigit, I have nothing against lurkers, I consider them readers. I just thought nothing inspired you to comment or you were in a read-only phase. Comments or not, you'll always be a blogging friend!

Ricardo, maybe bumping into them is to make you realize how very lucky you are that they are no longer in your life.

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