A Minute to Myself (190)

The System Speaks

HA HA HA HA HA! You thought you could beat the System. You thought the System was fair. Woman, how is it possible that you never lost your naïveté? How could you think that your voice would be heard? No one cares! The judges don’t care. The lawyers don’t care. Your lawyers don’t care. Only you care. But who are you? You are nothing. So you thought just because you got a piece of paper that said COURT JULY 24 that that would happen. How stupid could you be? Have you not been through FOUR years of this to know that you will never have your day in court!? Have you learned nothing?


How could you not expect the System to work for your ex-husband? He is the epitome of the System, of the kind of people who created the System and who thrive in it. Of course your ex-husband will do something that will get the System to bend toward him because the System is stacked for him and against you. You who think that the System is here to hear you and pity you and understand poor poor you. HA HA HA HA HA!

Of course he will hire a lawyer four days before the court date who can’t appear on Friday and who needs time to prepare for court. Of course it is summer and the judges (those Guardians of the System) prefer to play golf on Fridays rather than listen to your whimperings.

Go back. Go back to your little life and stop pestering the System. Relinquish your attempt at moral superiority and go back. Relinquish your illusions and go back. Retreat from thinking there is equity and fairness. Retreat to your place. You will get no money. You will not be heard. There is nothing to hear. Not even your cries.

You will not be heard.



Or... if you can't beat them, learn the system and join them. Perhaps your life lesson in this case is patience and perseverence. And while you're waiting you can enjoy your new found freedoms and wait for the rescheduled date - I really hate this for you, I know you must so want this to be over, but life rarely cooperates so, go with the flow and just hang tough.


Get outta my mind! I was just ranting and raving about this yesterday because my jackass father is pulling similar stunts with my mom who divorced him last year. The courts have been insulting and have displayed little justice or fairness in the past two years she's been dealing with them. As a lawyer, I am absolutely disgusted by our "justice" system. I feel your frustration and anger and I completely get it.


I can relate; we had a lawsuit that dragged on for years because of delay after delay. We would prepare; plan on taking that time off, and at the last minute, it would be postponed again. It's ridiculous.


What more court proceedings can they possibly put you through? When does this madness end? I'm so glad I never married.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

rockync, P&P--I like that. Put it on the backburner and not worry about it until it comes up. I'll try.

Dingo, one more thing to be done: overhaul the "justice" system. My mother's cousin warned her that I will never win in court, that only the boys do. Boy, is her proclamation (learned the hard way) coming true.

Bonnie, on top of that, the lawyer didn't tell me before our meeting about the cancellation. So I had to slog through an hour of rush hour traffic to hear CANCELLED. She still wanted to prepare the papers for when it does happen. I said no, not until the day before I'm not wasting any more time or money.

Ricardo, it's my fault thinking that I deserve money that he owes me, for, you know, food for his daughters and paying the bills. All of the court proceedings have been my fault because he is either not paying or not complying or being a bastard. Marriage is fine, it's divorce that's the problem.


The small business that I had just started about four years ago finally hit a wall and ended when I got a letter one afternoon from The State IRS who demanded that we cease all activity and liquidate our assets to settle our debt. When I asked my then girlfriend/ business partner/ manager - the 'we' of this story - what this was all about (without screaming, for which I was quite proud) it was explained to me that 'we' had never paid 'our' business taxes. Ever. There was something about how 'we' kept forgetting but by then I was no longer listening.
So 'we' are no longer in business. I'm still paying off that debt. Not 'we.' I. Perhaps, someday, I will see a penny in assistance or repayment. Perhaps, someday, I will witness the joyful magic of pigs on the wing...

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Geo, wow--that's surely a way to lose trust in people. Now I see where the hatred of sloth, procrastination and inaction comes in.


That just sucks. I'm sorry, Laura.


Sorry, Laura. There's really no way to turn this into a positive, it is what it is and, as April says, it sucks. And sometimes life just feels that way. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

The Last Post

I am sorry to read you have had such a bad time Laura, I wish I could offer you some words of support or encouragement, but it will pass and I am sure things will improve.

Take care and you will be in my thoughts.

Lots of hugs from me

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