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Where I'd Like to Live

Sometimes I see the name of a street and I say to myself, "I would like to live there." But today I really found the street on which I would like to live. The street is on the side of a mountain in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

Yes, I would like to live on "Glimpse of Heaven Lane."

Of course, a few miles down the road was a street on which I would not like to live. That would be on "Gun Barrel Lane."

On the "street of what name" would you like, or not like, to live? 


Liz A.

I lived on a Kyle Lane which was cool because you didn't have to spell it.

Where I live now, the first house I shared with my husband is on Love Song Lane. The jokes are just not starting to die down.

My parents have Emerald Springs Loop, excluding the space/length of the name, I always thought the name brought up wonderfully bright images of life.

I'm practical. I want to live on a short, easily understood address. 123 Smith Road would be great, maybe it's because my name takes up two lines on my social security card.


I didn't catch the name of the road but, as you reach the top of the hill the road sweeps round to the left and snakes a long gentle curve through a verdant valley where the rolling farm properties are divided up by hand-stacked stone walls which have stood for probably a thousand or more years. It was in the highlands of Scotland.

Other than that I'd like to live anywhere but where I currently do. Preferably where humidity is typically low.


My favorite house growing up was on Beachview Avenue. Yes, it lived up to its name!


I just finished watching a local show where the host, Huell Howser, visits different areas of California, and I don't know about a street name, but I'd like to live pretty much anywhere in Encinitas, California. Just a breathtaking place.

Let's see, a street name. How about Hope Street?


I'd like to live on the can't lose street. :-)

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Liz, you definitely can't beat Love Song Lane for a place to start a marriage.

Geo, that was quite evocative. I loved being in Scotland, too. So you prefer your humidity in the form of raindrops and not moisture beads.

April, I lived in Bayside, but I had to walk to get to the bay and the view. Nothing quite like a large body of water.

JC, Encinitas, I'd probably want to eat Mexican food every night there.

Ricardo, maybe you need to move to JC's Hope Street.


The other day I was watching a movie with my daughter called 'The Song Spinner' ... it isn't an adult movie, it's a family movie, geared towards a much younger audience than either of us. Anyway, I fell in love with the main street. Visually it looked like it could be a couple of centuries old, but I luv the simplicity and the ole world charm.

Well, that's the neighborhood of my dreams, and the street I would want to live on...8o)

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Sadie, nothing like charm to charm people. Does charm need to be old? I wonder what modern charm in a city looks like?

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