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The Symbolism of the Garbage



A person earns my trust by being honest, truthful, responsible, and accountable for their own actions. Sounds pretty mundane, I suppose, but it isn't as easy as one might expect. For someone I would potentially be romantically involved with (ha! sorry, that just struck me as suddenly very funny...) I would also look for an openness and a willingness to clearly communicate without playing manipulative games and for an appreciation of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Yes. I said it.

Liz A.

Minus the Buffy, Geo summed up my opinion pretty well.

I'll go opposite. I don't trust my mother because she tries to take advantage of everyone, granted sometimes it's subconsciously. Oh, and she treats me like a child, not her child an actual child.

And I don't trust consistently tardy people. It shows a disregard for another person's time and it just sticks in my craw. She does that, too. There may be a correlation...

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Someone earns my trust over time. I guess I'm a quantity person. And only if they consistently show that they respect me and believe in me. And the same I hope I do back to them.

Men, I'm not even going to go there.
Mothers, mine, fortunately, has stood by me.
Tardy people, so true.


Someone that is not going to run away hen things get rough for me. too many people have done that in my life and enough of it already.

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