Penciling in Dates
I can't resist



The comics - best news of the day! (And probably the most accurate).


You know, I haven't picked one up in ages but usually I will head to the sports section during baseball season.

Liz A.

Sports. I really like football and baseball and it's just easier to know what my husband is talking about, then I head for the crossword, except for the NY Times, I have never even been close to solving that one.


I don't really read the paper any longer. We subscribe to the Podunk Suppository, but that's really for Beloved's amusement and so he can do the Sudoku puzzles.


The obits. I must have a sick mind, but that's what comes first.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

I'm a Style section woman. Not that I have style, but it's were the people stories appear. The last thing I read are the op-eds, at least those that I agree with or that I'll learn from.


I usually scan the front page and then go to the op-eds. Our local paper, the L.A. Times, isn't what it used to be, though. It gets smaller by the week. We don't even have a Style section daily. I think it's just once a week now.


The comics. They are the only thing with any relevance. And the movie listings.

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