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For two days (today and yesterday) I am the featured woman at Jewish Women International's blog during October's Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Please go over and check out my pieces (excerpts from my book, Get Your Words Off Me) as well as those testimonies by other women--women who have also suffered and survived domestic abuse.

October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For that there is a pink ribbon. We need to curl the purple Domestic Abuse Awareness ribbon next to it, to indicate another way that women are being struck down--some surviving, and some, sadly, not. 



I just read your post on JWIBlog. Very well done. There are probably women (and men) out there who don't realize that abuse comes in many forms and that verbal abuse is still abuse.


Congrats on being featured here. This topic is getting a lot more attention lately, and that's good.


Read your piece at jwiblog.org. Excellent. It's not easy figuring out and acknowledging the roles we've played in these situations.
I so love your book title!

Anne Caroline

I too found you from your fabulous jwiblog post.

BTW, purple is the color of domestic violence ribbons.

Did you know that twice as many women experience domestic violence (25%) as are diagnosed with breast cancer (12%)? That's reported cases. Group Health did a survey that pegs the number at about 44% ~ the disparity is because many women don't realize the dynamics of abuse and their cases aren't reported.

Now, I'm going to go visit Chapter One.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

JC, I was told time and again, including by divorce attorneys, that I need to deal with him (which basically means to manipulate him). But what they don't understand is that at a certain point you have no power over the abuser--or he has no power over himself.

Bonnie, thanks. I was moved to be asked to participate. And then to be focused for two days really made me feel that what I have written has purpose.

Beth, we need to keep checking ourselves and our interactions so that we don't stumble again.

Anne Caroline, I did know about the purple, at my school we focus on domestic abuse and we wear purple on Fridays during that focus month. This month we're wearing the pink breast cancer awareness ribbons. I have even talked about the abuse I experiences so that my students see that even seemingly invincible teachers who are in control--at least in my classroom--are not always like that.


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