Closure, What It Feels Like
A Loss, The Loss

Strength and Love

Strength and thoughts and prayers of love and healing and comfort to my father who is battling cancer--and to all those and their loved ones who are sick.

Mi Sheberakh (The Jewish Prayer for Healing)
May the One who blessed our ancestors--Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah--bless and heal those who are ill. May God overflow with compassion upon them, to restore them, to heal them, to strengthen them, to enliven them. That God will send them, speedily, a complete healing--healing of the soul and healing of the body--along with all the ill, among the people of Israel and all humankind, soon, speedily, without delay, and let us all say: Amen!



Prayers for your father going out. I am sorry to hear he is sick. And yes prayers for all those that are suffering and sick. Amen.


Prayers for your father and your family, I know first hand how difficult it is.



Laura, I just said one of my prayers and your prayer for your father.

My family wishes him well. And our thoughts are with your mother, you, and all of your family.


A beautiful prayer.
Your father - and you - will be in mine.


Thinking of you and your father.


A powerful prayer. Your father and your family are in my thoughts.


I wish him all the best. Sending prayers your way.


Amen. Sending prayers for healing and strength you way.



Prayers and thoughts are with your family Laura.

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