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It’s Still Snowing in Northern Virginia

A Day, This Day

Today it has been snowing since morning. All is white, except now it is an eerie white, lit by streetlamps.

Today I finished writing the first draft of my novel.

Today I listened to “Beloved Wife” by Natalie Merchant so often that the tears have finally stopped pouring.

Today is? was? my parent’s 55th wedding anniversary.

Today I didn’t blame anyone for anything.

Today I took three walks in the snow, one whose purpose was simply to walk in the snow and not an opportunity for Poops to poop.

Today I left exman a voice message about getting a Get (Jewish divorce decree) next week.

Today I baked a cake and cooked fish; one was very good and the other was not.

Today I came up with a few writing assignments for my students.

Today I was here to hear the thoughts and frustrations of my mother and a few friends.

Today I was the disappointing mother to a 14-year-old who had hoped for a snowstorm-event-planner mother.

Today still has two more hours. But it is time to go to sleep. What more can a day bring, except tomorrow.



Life; the beat goes on...
It's tough but we have no choice but to ride the tide.


That is quite a "today." We have a similar glow looks weird.


Sounds like you had a very good day.
It's all in the moments - and they do add up.

Ms. H

Wow. You sure did pack a lot into one little bitty day! I'm super-impressed. It sounds like you had some major breakthroughs today. I know it's been rough for you lately, so I'm glad you got some peace.

I apologize for my commenting-absence...I had a thyroid slump, so I pretty much abandoned everything except working and napping. I read your posts along the way, and my heart hurt for you. I'm sorry I couldn't fight past my fog to leave you some encouragement.


So many elements to one day. Congratulations on finishing the first draft. That is quite momentous. So many emotions for one day.

I hope the cake was good.


Happy to hear the first draft is finised!


Yeah... 'finished' is supposed to have an H in it... I know...


TODAY hasn't been a bad day, has it? Glad to hear it. Congrats on your first draft. Looking forward to reading the published book!!! All the best. Ciao. A.


YAY on finishing your first draft!!


rockync, it is odd to feel the self move from stage to stage. It's not a look back and notice thing, I can feel the movement forward.

MTAE, I guess that similar glow is the underlying reason why we keep in blog-contact.

Beth, the moments are all, but this day had a lot of them that felt worthwhile and not just passing through.

Ms. H, take care of yourself and have no blog-commenting concerns. I appreciate knowing that you are a constant companion here.

JC, of course the cake was good--a Cape Code coffee fruit cake with a full-proof recipe; the fish, not so much. Today I will be tackling fruit pie; it seems a good thing to have while we watch the snow continue to pile up outside our window.

Geo, thanks. I've been reticent about doing the revising, but with a snow storm outside, this seems the perfect time to get to it. I need to see if I still like it. I started in June, and haven't read the beginning since I wrote it, so it will be interesting, even for me, the writer.

Geo, I thought you left the "h" out to indicate you understand that I am at the revision stage.

Antonella, maybe I can rival Sarah Palin with pre-orders of my book. You get a signed copy.

April, it is a true sense of accomplishment. Now, not only am I moving towards revising and then sending to agents, but I'm thinking about the next book. It feels so good to really be doing not just thinking about the writing. Maintaining the blog really has enabled me to establish myself--in my mind--as a writer, and for that I will always be thankful for blogging--as well as for my blogfriends, for their friendships and for reading their insights on their blogs.

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