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The Fuzzy and Infinite Bead of Plenty

Plenty Beads

I used to finger the enough beads that my life was stringing for me. Enough bead after enough bead after enough bead of words and happenings that kept pushing me down, teasing me into thinking that they would end—that there would be a real enough point—but they just kept coming.

And then last June, when the house was sold and I could move out of the oppressive atmosphere, the stringing ceremonies stopped. And now new stringing ceremonies need to be instated. Now I am happily adding plenty beads to charm my days.

---It is pouring outside. What a joy. Once you live in Israel (or any place with a dry season), you can’t but appreciate a summer rain. It is beyond refreshing, it is life-affirming. Rain in the midst of unending heat. Even though I grew up in New York City, city of steamy summer rain storms, that seventeen-year break means that I do not take the soothing rains for granted. It is a blessing to be received.

---In a few days I will be going on vacation—I am taking my daughters to the Pacific Northwest for a week’s vacation. While my older daughter has shed her teenage skin and my younger daughter has grown it, they both wanted to go—or agreed to go—with me on vacation. Either way, it is still such a plenty bead on my formerly bare mother-joy necklace. And while I am not happy that my older daughter has not talked to her father for a while—as a result of his words and actions toward her—I can’t say that I’m not sorry that she has finally seen him for who he is.

---I have sent off query letters to agents for the book I began writing last summer. What a sense of satisfaction. And after the experience of writing this blog and receiving such supportive feedback, I believe that I have developed the type of skin necessary to not give up. Although, of course, I am sending out positive thoughts that this first round will elicit an invitation to send the manuscript and not just form rejection letters.

---And I have begun writing another book. And that also is wonderful. Of course it’s slow going, but I am pleased with the concept (which came to me about two weeks ago) and pleased that I am finding purpose in thinking about it and writing it.

---For three years I used to listen, night after night, to a call-in radio show, Delilah. People would call to say how wonderful their husband or wife is, asking for a song to be dedicated in his or her honor, or they would call, asking for a song that would temporarily soothe their broken hearts. Up until last June I would lay there on my love seat-bed, with the door of my room locked, and cry as I listened to people talking about how lucky they were, and I would cry as I listened to people cry out their pain, seeking a moment’s solace in a song.

I would cry because I could never imagine getting out of the misery that I felt encompassed me. Love and happiness seemed so foreign. How does one go from experiencing the harshness of a relationship that transformed itself into an endless battle to longing to think about someone? And even when people would say that that is precisely what had happened to them, I would be happy for them and envy them, but say, good for them, but that will not happen to me.

And now, now I am finding an opening in my heart for a man who searched for me to tell me that he has loved me since we were friends 28 years ago. How could I not reach out my hand to touch this preposterous bead? It feels as if the ineffable quality that oversees the wonders and ways of the world is presenting me with the most precious bead of plenty—a bead that grows to encompass all manner of well-being, fuzzy and infinite.



This makes me smile and so happy to read of these plenty beads....have known more than my share of enough beads myself to understand where you are coming from. I hope that you have a most wonderful week with your daughters...a book, how exciting! An old friend searching for you to tell you of his love for you....Wow! I am thrilled for you and him. How wonderful to read this at the end of my day!


I wish you more and more plenty beads, less enough beads. (Enough is enough).

Here's wishing you and your daughters a bon voyage. Also a wish that you win the agent lottery.

Love is the most complex of human emotions. It's never too late to embrace or add love to our lives. How wonderful.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Lori, I'm so glad my smiles are felt by you. So many possibilities--that I created and that have found me--really makes me so glad that I never relented.

JC, plenty beads for all! Thanks for your well-wishes.


I am very happy the enough beads are gone and these happy beads are now a part of your life. Have a wonderful trip with the girls - what priceless memories that will create and what joy to have someone who has loved you all this time. Now you know why you have survived; your life was waiting.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Rockync, we got back a couple of days ago. It was a wonderful trip. They had some needed time together, and I had some needed time with them as well. The man, of course, comes with a complication--he lives abroad. But he is also a writer, so we are having the most wonderful email exchange and I plan to visit him in September. Not only do I have a new necklace, now I also have a bit smile to go with it.

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