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Not Forgetting Gun Violence: Action Against the NRA

Protesting against the NRA August 2013

This is where I was tonight: outside of NRA headquarters in Virginia protesting the NRA and calling for background checks. The tee-shirts that you see in the picture had the names of the people killed at Virginia Tech and Newtown. The tee-shirt in front of me was a children’s small. It was for Allison, who was born on 07/03/2006 and killed on 12/14/2013; the number on the back of her shirt was 6, for her age. Devastating to look at the line of shirts that is a bare representation of the people who are killed by guns in this country every year.

Lots of people honked their horns in support of us as they drove by. One guy, who came out of the headquarters, yelled, “Don’t you have anything better to do with your time?” And two men gave us the finger. Other than them, there were lots of thumbs up and honking—even from guys in pickup trucks.

Let’s all do what we can to support background checks, and other measures to staunch the flow of guns and the deaths and injuries and heartache that they sow.

Let us turn swords into ploughshares.

(The protest was a Day of Action to prevent gun violence organized by Organizing for Action and the local group Concerned Citizens Against Gun Violence.)


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