I Marched for Women in DC
Dress Like a Woman

Just Let Us Be


I am sick of seeing the bland, pasty faces of middle-aged white men making seething-red decisions for us women. This has got to stop.

I know we marched, and we’re energized and mobilized, but underneath that power is the sickening, demoralizing sentiment seen in some signs at the Women’s March: “I can’t believe we’re still protesting this sh*t.”

Right now, after seeing the scotus pick, I need to howl and howl and howl, and howl some more until these boys without b*lls turn and look into the eyes of us women.

How I wish we could mean nothing to them so they would just leave us alone. I don’t want to be an object of desire and projection, I don’t need protection by / from them, just let me be.

We don’t need you. Deal with it.

Stop the pandering, the pampering, the patronizing.

Just stay in your boys’ club doing boy things and let us be. Let us get on with our lives and I promise we won’t make jokes about, well, you know.


Margaret Lesh

Please, let us have dominion over our own bodies! What is, perhaps, even more difficult to deal with is the number of women supporting these men who want to take our rights away.

We can't go backwards. We won't.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

It's unbelievable how men think that they have the right to control our bodies. It's not just t, it's so many of them. Arkansas passed a law today that a woman's husband or father can prevent her from having an abortion and can sue the doctor. Today, t had a meeting about women in the workplace, with no women present. HELLO and they want to say people of other culture's are barbaric and not in the 21st century. What I don't get is if most of their teachers have been women, and they were raised by women, why do they have such contempt for women?

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