My Eclipse Experience
A November Eve

October 2017

"Pick a bouquet for you and a friend!"


It is getting cool in the evening, here, in Northern Virginia.

I took a walk earlier and bought new flannel sheets since the set I bought last year I gave to my younger daughter. I raided my home to give to her and her boyfriend; a young couple needs so many things and I was glad I could give.

Last year’s flannel sheets are navy blue, this year’s are light grey. I can’t say I regret the switch. Something about pale gray sheets soothes me. They don’t jar like white, and they don’t try so hard like navy.

Another reason I went to the store was to finish my 10,000 steps; almost 6,000 from canvassing for governor. Such a beautiful day. So many people out and about, but the people who were home were lovely and motivated to vote for the Dems, to vote FOR and also against. The people I spoke to were so representative of those of us who oppose the direction that t- and the selfish haters are taking the country. Women (how ridiculous that we have been made a minority). African-American. Arab-American. Gay-American. Indian-American. Latino-American. Let us vote, push against the terrible tide of bullying tyrants. Home at 11,003 steps: accomplishing more than the mission!

My ex-husband tried to control me. Restrict my thoughts and friends. Determine what is good for me and what is not. I have no desire for my government to be worse than he was. Him, I could divorce. We need to separate from the direction that the government and the racist, sexist, polluting politicians are taking the country, before we lose the ability to speak up and out. Divorce now.

I want warmth, not the threat of so much frigidity. Even mired in distress, there is no giving in. We are each the modern incarnation of those before us, our ancestors, who strove against oppression for freedom; we continue to be part of the arc that bends toward justice. There is no back then to go back to: there is only forward. There is always forward.


Margaret Lesh

Laura, last night I spoke in depth with a woman whose husband is going through with the process of U.S. citizenship--he's lived and taught in the States for thirty years--so he can VOTE. Hearing that gives me hope as does your walking those many steps canvassing. Let there be a continued groundswell of people moving forward, creating positive change.

Flannel sheets--what a lovely idea for a cold winter's night.

I love the idea of a community garden with enough flowers to share. That is the giving spirit--such an antidote to the scarcity mentality where those afflicted want to hang on tightly to what they've got.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

Congratulations to the soon-to-be new voter! Wanting a voice--wanting to use that voice. Not letting go of our voices. I still can't fathom how people don't vote consistently. If only...

Flannel sheets are a lovely before and after feeling in bed. In the summer the crisp cotton refreshes, in the winter, well, who wants to huddle against cold sheets. Flannel sheets are a revelation.

That community garden, no surprise, is in Old Town Alexandria. a lovely bastion of Democrats! Such a beautiful sentiment. So many people really do have open, inviting hearts. May they win over those who clutch at themselves against change.

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