Of Envelopes and Mirrors
Realizations about Religion


Margaret Lesh

What a shocking betrayal of trust. The idea that he could somehow treat you as a possession--where does that feeling of entitlement and ownership come from?

Thank you for sharing your powerful #metoo story.

Laura of Rebellious Thoughts of a Woman

The idea of patriarchy, of the man being responsible for the woman, all women, seems to be the root of so much we're battling with #metoo. I watched a documentary on Netflix recently about women in history, and it continues to be shocking to see how men throughout history have imprisoned women's minds and bodies. The concept that men and women are two distinct entities is, as we see, a misconception that is not easy to overturn.

(By the way, I sent emails to you over the past two weeks that bounced back. I hope you got them.)

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